Compliance with the following regulations

is expected of all visitors to the Hanoi Museum



1.   Dress appropriately and park your car in designated area.

2.   Leave your luggage in the lockers, but you may keep money and jewelry with you.

3.   If you require a guide, please contact the Reception Desk. Please do not touch the exhibits. Remember to follow your tour group closely.

4.   Weapons, explosives, pollutants, inflammable and toxic substances are strictly prohibited within the vicinity of the museum.

5.   Please help us keep the museum clean and enjoyable for everyone. Being loud and disruptive, eating, drinking, and smoking are all prohibited.

6.   If you wish to film or take pictures within the museum, please send a letter asking permission to the museum in advance.

7.   We are always happy to hear from you. Please leave your comments in the Impression Book or speak directly to the staff members at the Reception Desk.

8.   In case of an emergency, please follow closely the guidance of the museum staff.