On May 25, 2023, the Hanoi Museum, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Vietnam, opened the exhibition "Created in Italy - An Aptitude for the Impossible" on the 50th founding anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Italy. Attending the opening ceremony were Mr. Antonio Alessandro - Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Vietnam; Mr. Dang Minh Ve - Deputy Director of Hanoi Museum, representatives of museums, press agencies and domestic and international visitors.

The exhibition features 31 objects representing outstanding examples of Italian manufacture and technological innovation. They embody an inventive spirit, a thorough search for new solutions and a constant urge to experiment and push the limits of materials. This is a characteristic inherent to Italian design: the combination of beauty and functionality, where the taste for well-made objects goes hand in hand with the purpose of improving peoples’ everyday life.

Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Vietnam Antonio Alessandro said: "We bring this exhibition to Vietnam on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, as a tribute to the contributions of the Italian companies with the development of manufacturing industry in Vietnam. The exhibition is a tribute to the many small and medium Italian companies, with passion and vision, who have made great strides in technology and design".

Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Vietnam, Mr. Antonio Alessandro gave his speech at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Deputy Director of Hanoi Museum Dang Minh Ve said: "This is the third time the Italian Embassy and Hanoi Museum have coordinated to organize the exhibition. The exhibitions are all new, creative, awe-inspiring and highly appreciated by the public". He also wished the two parties would continue coordinating exhibition activities to serve the public. At the same time, cooperate in preserving and promoting the value of cultural heritages in Hanoi and Rome, especially creative activities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in which Hanoi has participated.

Deputy Director of Hanoi Museum, Mr. Dang Minh Ve spoke at the ceremony.

This exhibition brings two messages: The design industry can find solutions to get products from industrial design to life and the creativity of the products on display at the exhibition, from raw materials to technology; Italy has brought to Vietnam the best technologies and competitive advantages that Vietnam can learn to develop its industrial production based on the competitive advantages that Vietnam has.The exhibition "Created in Italy - An Aptitude for the Impossible" will be on display on the 3rd floor of the Hanoi Museum until June 18, 2023.


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