On May 18, 2023, the Hanoi Museum held the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Uncle Ho and Hanoi" and the art space "Lotus Calligraphy". These exhibitions were organized by the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports in collaboration with President Ho Chi Minh's Vestige in the Presidential Palace Area and the Cultural Heritage Association of Vietnam on the occasion of the 133rd birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - May 19, 2023). The exhibition introduces the public to more than 200 documents and artifacts about President Ho Chi Minh, the beloved leader of the entire Party and people. The hero of national liberation, the outstanding communist soldier, and a world cultural celebrity who paid particular attention to the Party Committee and people of Hanoi to build Hanoi into a political, economic and cultural centre for the whole country. 

Hanoi is where President Ho Chi Minh proved his outstanding dedication to the Party, Government and people of the Capital. Over the years, his thoughts, feelings and profound advice are an invaluable legacy and are a guideline for all activities of the Party Committee, Government and people of Hanoi - contributing to build a richer and more beautiful, civilized and modern capital city.

President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in many places during his revolutionary activities, which included Hanoi, where he spent 17 years (from 1945 - 1946 and 1954 - 1969). There are 292 places within Hanoi related to President Ho Chi Minh, including numerous critical historical events that affected the nation's future.Contents of exhibitions: 1- Theme "Uncle Ho and Hanoi": includes 3 topicsTopic 1: Hanoi and Uncle Ho (30% of the exhibition area) documents and artifacts about places that marked important milestones in Uncle Ho's revolutionary activities in Hanoi:- Hanoi welcomes Uncle Ho- Responding to Uncle Ho's call, Hanoi contributed spiritually and materially to the resistance war: Movement of rice jars to save hunger, eradicate illiteracy, rallies, and elections.- President Ho Chi Minh's Vestige in the Presidential Palace Area.- The day Uncle Ho passed away.Theme 2: Uncle Ho and Hanoi (50% of the exhibition area): Uncle Ho's attention and direction to the Party committee, government and people of Hanoi in the following areas:- Building the party and the government- Construction of national security- Economic development- Development of culture, health and education- His outstanding dedication to all classes of people: women, teenagers, and children.Theme 3: Hanoi follows Uncle Ho's words (20% of the exhibition area): The Party committee, government and people of the Capital constantly strive to build the ever-growing capital, ensuring it is civilized and modern.- Capital development planning.- Economic development achievements.- Building the party and the government.- Developing elegant and civilized Hanoians.In addition, in the exhibition space, there is also a corner of the library to allow visitors to study and learn about the life of President Ho Chi Minh's revolutionary activities and Hanoi's cultural history.

2- Art space “Lotus Calligraphy”The exhibition introduces nearly 40 works of lotus calligraphy combined with poems of President Ho Chi Minh and maxims about life that are extremely meaningful. These are lotus calligraphy paintings in the collection "Lotus in Vietnamese cultural life" by Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam - the record holder set by the Vietnam Records organization on April 17, 2021. She owns a diverse collection of works with images of the lotus, a popular exhibit in many places throughout the country. The entire exhibition space is filled with installation art, the gratitude and heart of Hanoians who are always grateful to President Ho Chi Minh - the nation's beloved leader.


Department of Display and Education