In the first half of the 20th century, the French built administrative buildings following French architecture, planned new streets and expanded Hanoi. Western concepts and lifestyles were introduced to Hanoi, causing many changes. In Hanoi, there are traditional concepts, lifestyles and ways of thinking along side of Western lifestyles and concepts. The exhibition recalls the lives of urban affluent families with a variety of artifacts and documents collected at home and abroad for the public to understand the life of this period. At the same time to convey good traditional cultural values to the next generation, creating a connection between traditional culture and current culture. The exhibition introduces nearly 200 documents and artifacts with four main contents:

- Living room

- Ancestral altar

- Villa

- Traditional five-flap long dress

Hanoi today is very different from the Hanoi of the past; from its architecture, the streets and it moves on due to the law of life. To nurture love with Hanoi it is necessary to have a good memory and an understanding of traditional culture. Joining hands to preserve and follow suit will form new dynamic and cultural classes of Hanoians, contributing to building a more and more solidly developed capital.

The exihibition opens at the Hanoi Museum from 06/10/2022.

Address: Hanoi Museum, Pham Hung Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Contact information: Ms. Ngọc Hòa: 0984337579; Ms. Mỹ Linh: 0978509935.