The Hanoi Museum is conserving more than 70,000 documents and artifacts of many different types and materials, including a group of National Treasures and typical antiquities through Vietnam's historical dynasties. These are precious cultural heritages, representing the history of thousands of years of development of Thang Long - Hanoi. 

One of the core values of Thang Long - Hanoi which is preserved and promoted is the antique - a bridge between traditional culture and the present. Aimed at introducing the typical cultural heritages of Hanoi capital to the public, Hanoi Museum organizes thematic exhibition: Typical Antiquities of Hanoi museum including two main groups of artifacts:

- National treasures

- Typical antiques

With a variety of types, rich in contents and exquisite crafting techniques, exhibits on display reflect the material and spiritual life of Thang Long-Hanoi inhabitants. The exhibition contributes to meeting the public's demand for cultural enjoyment while protecting and promoting the cultural heritages of the capital.